kidspeople childrens event staffing management itv
kidspeople childrens event staffing management itv
kidspeople childrens event staffing management itv

AGE GROUP : 8-10  |  LOCATION : London  |  STAFF : 15

Breaking a Guinness World Record!

Kids’ People were lucky enough to witness history and to be part of it! The Kids’ People team were called to an exciting location where more than 600 kids made breaking a Guinness World Record very fun indeed! CITV’s show “Scrambled!” was there to film the whole day. …..What was the challenge?! Nothing less than trying to break the record of “Most People Doing ‘The Floss’ Dance Move Simultaneously”. Could this be any more fun?!

Our very important role

The record specialists from “Officially Amazing” needed Kids’ People to be the very important invigilators, involved in all the action as well as containing the kids in one place and making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. All the kids plus their teachers were situated on the school playground, as we needed a big space to fit them all. The Kids’ People team had to do more than helping with the organisation, as we were trusted with a very important mission; to become the assistants of the record specialists. Each and every steward had to make sure everyone was following the rules to make the record valid. The rules were simple: Do the floss for one-minute straight, non-stop. If there was anyone not doing the floss, stopping during the length of the challenge or even doing the floss the wrong way, they unfortunately had to be eliminated from the final count.

The cameras are rolling!

The ITV crew at the ready, kids in position, cameras rolling, the stopwatch ready to count a whole minute and… go! All the students did the floss like there was no tomorrow; all excitement, all energy. Some of them stopped, others didn’t do it exactly right… would it be enough to break the record?! After 10min of waiting and counting all the valid numbers, the results were in… They broke the record by far! Over 600 kids did the challenge perfectly, beating the last record with 350 people approximately. It was a complete success and Kids’ People were so grateful and excited to be a part of it!

Everything went very well! The staff were on time and found the location which is always a bonus! They were all very helpful. Thank you.

Julia, CiTV

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  •  Massive thank you for all of your help with the Persil event, overall it was a great success and the client is thrilled! The animators and actors were wonderful, and really brought the event to life, do please pass on our thanks, I wouldn’t hesitate to use any of them again on future events, or in recommending them for other activities. 

    Persil Competition Winners Event

  •  Thanks so much for all your help in making the project successful, lovely to work with you and the girls once again! 

    Barbie Promotional Event

  •  Abigail was great, always smiling and actively doing the job she was meant to, so thanks for that. 


  •  The staff were amazing thanks, all really positive feedback and all really hard working, so thank you. 


  •  Your team was fantastic and made our jobs so much easier! Looking forward to next year already! 


  •  Everything went very well! The staff were on time and found the location which is always a bonus! They were all very helpful. Thank you. 


  •  The feedback from the employees and their families was overwhelmingly positive. Your team performed excellently. We look forward to working with you again in the future! 

    HSBC Family Event

  •  We had the pleasure of working with Lucy and Sophie from Kids’ People. They were not only incredibly organised leading up to the party but made sure we had everything set up and ready for the children’s arrival. We have used other companies in the past, but it was so refreshing to have two woman who genuinely cared about the event. They offered lots of options for activities, crafts, and entertainment. Having seen the references from other big companies too, it was an easy choice. Thank you, Lucy and Sophie, for making the day so special. 


  •  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well things are going with Nerf Rebelle so far and to thank you for such a great team, I was on site today and was genuinely very impressed with each brand ambassador, whom I saw really engaging with the consumers and their families - they are a credit to you. 

    Nerf Rebelle Event

  •  The staff were, again, fantastic. We've had a lot of good feedback about them. Thank you for your help supplying them in such short notice. I hope to work with you again soon! 

    Brick Live- The UK’s largest LEGO event

  •  Abigail was great, always smiling and actively doing the job she was meant to, so thanks for that. 

    Nigel – Kidtropolis

  •  Lovely to meet you and thank you to you and all of the team for their hard work at the show, everyone was fantastic! We'll definitely be working with you again in the future! 


  •  I am just collating all the feedback from our stores and everyone has commented on how great the storytellers were. The feedback from stores so far has been brilliant about the storytellers. 

    Cath Kidston

  •  I wanted to say a big thank you for the last two weeks. The teams worked really hard in the centre. 

    The Glades, Bromley

  •  The girls worked really hard so thank you. They were brilliant demonstrating and also helped with on camera pieces for the Toy Fair TV demo zone. They have been fab! 

    The Toy Fair

  •  The staff you sent us on Friday were absolutely brilliant. Extremely engaged with the children and a pleasure to work alongside. Thank you so much for your help and please pass along my gratitude to the staff members you sent! We will definitely be in touch again for our next corporate event.  

    Spring Spectacular

  •  Just a note to say that today went brilliantly and your staff were an amazing addition to the day – they were all fantastic. 

    Winter Wonderland

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