Santa, Elves & Christmas Fairy hire!

How can we bring the magic of Christmas even more to our loyal clients?! We can provide top-quality costumes that no one else has.….and we had loads of exciting ideas in mind when we went to the drawing board for our 2017 Elf costumes. We didn’t want any off the shelf design. We wanted to work closely with our costume designer to make the costume look incredible, but also be practical for running parties and events for children in! And we hope you agree we got it just right 🙂

In the traditional green and red we have used a mixture of quality materials all in order to make the costume look different from what any other company currently provides. The smock dress is a rich Emerald green tightened at the waist with a candy stripe extra wide belt. How can we add a bit more cheeky Elf colour? How about matching Candy stripe leggings?! Along with a stuffed hat that stays on great, red taffeta underskirt to add body, and custom made emerald green High tops with red laces….these are very trendy Elves indeed!

And so, our elves have been let out of the workshop to entertain at events at locations all over the UK throughout December. From Football Clubs to airport events, and banks in the City and Canary Wharf, our elves have been received to wide acclaim from the children and also the clients, some who have already put in their orders for 2018 bookings!

And how can we show our super new costumes to our clients….why by having a professional Elfy photo shoot of course! And that is when we booked our photographer and studio for a very fun Elf filled morning! Our 6 elf models, (also actors and entertainers of course!) were the perfect models, full with ideas, comical faces, tons of energy and of course a huge smile.

Music blasting we had so much fun, with action pictures, jumping, acrobatics, piggy backs and general Elf cheekiness! It was the most fun photoshoot we have ever had….but then again we have never had a photo shoot before with 8 cheeky Christmas Elves!

So why not book our Elves for your Christmas party this year?! Contact us to book!

Need Santa hire for your Christmas event?

Father Christmas hire

So you have organised a Christmas event to top all others, for all those very excited Christmas loving children……what about hiring the real Father Christmas to be there too?  There is nothing better than seeing those children’s eyes light up when they first spot the red outfit and the white beard.  The magic of Christmas comes alive in an instant when they meet the iconic man himself.  With a “Ho ho ho” and a friendly chuckle the atmosphere is electric with excitement and curiosity….”is this the real one?!”  “How does he fit down my Chimney?!”……”How does he get round all the houses in one night?!”

At Kids People we hire out the real Santa, with his beautiful outfit, white beard, and fantastic personality, so of course he knows all the answers to those never ending questions from inquisitive little ones.  Being the real Santa he is of course punctual, professional and to get in line with the 20th Century he has been DBS checked too.  If it is just a meet and greet you need, or a Santa’s grotto for many weeks, our Santa simply loves meeting children, having photos, finding out Christmas wishes, giving out presents, and bringing the Christmas spirit to everyone.  But beware.  Not everyone has the real Santa on their books….there are a lot of people out there who pretend to be Santa, and just simply don’t bring that magical time of year to life.

We love Christmas…..who doesn’t?  It is our favourite time of year and we can’t wait for Christmas 2017! Mince pies, carols, decorations and presents…….and of course the real Santa too! Let us make your Christmas event the most magical it has ever been and click here to hire Santa today!