Why use a children’s staffing specialist for kids events?

However many thousands of pounds that are spent on a children’s promotion or experiential event, if the staff are not right the experience on the day will not be what it was planned to be on the multiple drawing boards and planning stages in the offices of the marketing strategists.  Why?!  Because the children and parents don’t think of the planning stages, they are there to enjoy the experience as they see it on the day.  They are of course impressed with the stand and activities provided, but if the right child friendly staff member isn’t there to greet them on the day the experience can be easily spoilt.  Their first point of contact, the event staff, can either make or break an event, with their personality, energy, attitude and etiquette on the day.

How do we know this?  Because we have seen it for ourselves many times.  You don’t have to walk far in central London before you come across a children’s promotional event.  And you can often witness it for yourself, clock watching or uninterested personnel wishing that the day was already over.  Perhaps that is acceptable for some brands, but for any children’s brand on the market, this would be a black mark against their name.

Known for excitement, bright colours, and most of all energy, children’s brands need to have the right staff representing them.  Children’s experiential event staff are of the upmost importance because apart from anything else children are the most perceptive people on the planet!  They know a fake smile when they see one.  So how do you get the right staff?  Go to a specialist company (like Kids’ People!) that focuses on events for children only.  The same person is not the right fit for all events, so a children’s staffing specialist is needed.  A children’s event specialist who has the energy, passion and experience to bring the activation and experience alive for the hundreds of children and parents that will be visiting the stand and leaving with lasting memories and an extremely positive brand awareness.