Four ‘must haves’ for a child friendly venue

Choosing the right venue for a corporate children’s event is so important. Nowadays companies like to hold parties out of house as they can be more fun, enjoyable and flexible. It also takes the stress away from the office where the party may have usually taken place. There is no worry about keeping meeting rooms available for the party and no mess to tidy up afterwards and no health and safety issues regarding bringing children onto the premises.

1.Location. It’s got to be a place where guests can get actually get to! Obviously not a million miles away but also somewhere a bit different as this will make a welcome change for staff members to take their children to. Somewhere that is accessible by train, tube or bus or at least has parking is definitely a consideration. Accessibility and facilities for those with special needs is a must. Of course with children in mind it needs to be safe to get to too.

2.Space. Enough room for children to move, dance, jump and explore, plus their parents, plus prams, plus the entertainment and staff ends up meaning you need quite a big space. Somewhere for the children’s event staff to get changed, possibly into costume or somewhere to prepare for their astonishing act they will soon be performing! On the other hand you don’t want the space to be too big for the numbers expected as this can create a feeling of emptiness.

3.Inspiring. It needs to be a fun and interesting space. Maybe somewhere that the children will be excited to go to and will tell all their friends about afterwards? Somewhere that isn’t a box room painted with white walls would help. Having said that we have lots of clever decoration ideas that we can use to transform venues too! We have hosted events in many interesting venues such as boats, museums and even on the millennium wheel!  If there is an activity or facilities already on site then this can help to theme the party or give it a focus activity.

4.Catering services are almost always needed at a corporate children’s event whether you are having nibbles or hot food for both the children and parents, the option of good quality catering at the venue is always very useful. However if the venue does not offer in house catering we have used many out of house catering suppliers who can supply fantastic food and drink. If you are bringing in caterers then the venue needs to have the facilities or at least the space needs to be clean and appropriate for preparing food.  There also may be the requirement for a power supply if hot food is required and the venue is outdoors.

Let us at Kids’ People organise your next corporate children’s event and put our wealth of experience to the test! We are experts at staffing children’s events too and will provide your event with quality staff who will make every child feel special and leave with a big smile on their face and lots of wonderful memories to cherish.

We provide full event management for corporate children’s christmas parties, corporate children’s summer parties and large scale private childrens’ parties.

How we find the best staff for your children’s event

It is funny how the old saying goes “first impressions are lasting impressions” It really is something we believe in, and as consumer traffic at our events is fast flowing we have to make every impression count. This is why we are so intent on making the quality of our staff the highest it can be, resulting in happy clients and superb children’s events.

So how do we find the best staff for your children’s event – well, usually we can tell from the first application of a potential team member if someone is right for us here at Kids’ People. Experience is obviously all important, but we find that enthusiasm is key, as we can provide the training and support to our staff from having over 20 years in the industry, so if they applicant is ready to learn then we can teach them!

A love for children is an essential element, just like all of us here on the team at Kids People have. Children feed off the energy of our staff, they have such an unlimited and vast imagination which is fantastic to play with, and we know that our staff can make an event last in their memories for years to come.

Punctuality is also of utmost importance to us. Of course there can be delays on transport, however that means we should allow for that all the time when arriving to a job. Arriving very early is ok, arriving a bit late is not! Our event managers keep tabs on all comings and goings of staff.

Our staff also need stamina! Our events sometimes have up to 12 hour shifts, and can use repetitive phrases to get our clients message out. This means our staff have to be inventive to keep their persona fresh, welcoming, positive and full of energy. As our staff are mainly from the performance industry they are fantastic at this! And a great team vibe means we can create a fantastic atmosphere for any product from dawn until dusk…….. or dusk until dawn!

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