Christmas Crafts for Kids!

Tis the Season to be jolly! So here at Kids People, we thought we’d bring you our top 3 Christmas crafts to do with your little ones at home – quick, easy and cheap to make, and something to bring all the family together this Ho-Ho-Holiday season! Disclaimer: DO try this at home!!

Candy Canes

You will need: Green pipe cleaners, red and white beads

Method: First of all, take your green pipe cleaner and tie a knot in one end, making sure the knot is bigger than the bead hole. Then thread your first red bead on to the pipe cleaner and push it down until it is resting on top of the knot. Alternate with the white bead so that you have alternating red and white beads all the way up your pipe cleaner and then tie a knot in the other end once finished. To finish, simply bend one end of the pipe cleaner to make a candy cane ‘C’ shape, and then hang on your Christmas tree!


Footprint Reindeer

You will need: Brown paint, white card, a tray, googly eyes, a red pom pom, a brown felt tip and a foot!

Method: Fold your A4 piece of card in half to make a card. Place the brown paint into a tray (or any container that can hold paint!) and help your little one place one foot in it. Note! It may be wise to put some newspaper down for this one! Carefully transfer their foot and gently press it down onto the white card vertically with the toes at the top. Leave to dry over night until the paint is completely dry. Then, stick on two googly eyes onto where the ball of the foot would be, and the red pom pom at the bottom of the footprint where the heel would be. Then stemming out from both the big toe and the little toe, draw your reindeer’s antlers with the brown felt tips. Then write on the inside and send to your favourite relative!


Christmas Plate Wreath

You will need: A paper plate, scissors, green paint, hole punch, ribbon, decorations.

Method: Paint your paper plate green – easy peasy! Leave to dry overnight. The next day, draw a circle in the centre of your plate and cut this out to make your wreath shape. At the top centre of your wreath, hole punch a hole and tie your ribbon through it in order to hang your wreath. Then the world is your oyster! Stick gems, glitter and all things sparkly on your wreath to decorate to our taste and then hang on your door ready for Santa!

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