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Our Kids’ People Team made brilliant demos!

Our Kids’ People Team were working for the world-famous brand Tomy at the annual Toy Fair in Kensington Olympia and really had lots of fun! We love staffing for children’s brands and products as every event is so different from the last. The Kids’ People team were trained on how to play various games and use various products, as they would be demonstrating them to potential buyers throughout the event. Our lovely Kids’ People were so brilliant at this they were selected to be filmed for the Toy Fair TV demo zone! Our brand ambassadors really enjoyed the event and demonstrating Tomy’s new products. They even made some foam ice creams with ‘Foam Cone Factory’ and got to give Peryn a shower with ‘Peryn’s Shower and Scrub’!

A varied and exciting toy event.

The Toy Fair held at Kensington Olympia is a very exciting event which definitely has it all going on! The stands are packed full with fantastic brands promoting current lines and new upcoming products. The stands are bursting with colour, well known logos and some newcomers to the market which bodes for lots of potential deals for buyers. Our Kids’ People brand ambassadors team had such a fabulous time learning how to play new games such as ‘Burp the Baby’, ‘Puzzle Wars’ and ‘Soccerborg’ which are all launching this year and sharing their joy with potential buyers. The team also got to play some current and very well known games such as ‘Pop up Pirate’, ‘Screwball Scramble’ which definitely made our brand ambassadors feel nostalgic!

Another successful event!

The feedback from the client was very positive, and we all really look forward to working with them again!

The girls worked really hard today so thank you. They were working with TOMY Toomies and were brilliant demonstrating the toddler and bath products. Others were on Soccerborg and Games and helped with on camera pieces for the Toy Fair TV demo zone. The girls have been fab!

Bethany – The Toy Fair

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