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Shhhhhhh…’s a secret!!

We love nothing more than a great party! So, what better job to have than create parties and events for others all over the UK?!……events that will never be forgotten! The fact this event was a surprise birthday party, made the planning and execution even more important….no little clues left anywhere and certainly no slip ups that would spoil the surprise! It was for a 40th party for a lovely lady in London, and as she had 3 children of her own, her husband contacted “Kids’ People” to make sure the kids were catered for and had the most fantastic party themselves at a “grown up” do. It was a large party with over 150 guests and the majority of these had between 1 and 3 children each, so it was important for our client that the adults could really kick back and relax and know that the children were in safe hands and having the most fantastic time.

We work with attention to detail

We started brain storming with our client over email and then we made an on-site visit to discuss the requirements at the party location. As there was such a large age range we split the 2 children’s areas into “Zones”. One for the littlies with face painting, balloon modelling, magic show, entertainers and arts and crafts section. And for the older group our “Disco zone” including disco and DJ, close up magic, magic work shop, and requested games and activities that were the favourites of our client’s children who were a “very cool” 7,9 and 10.

The party was a hit!

The party was awesome, particularly as we were allowed to go to town on the Neverland theme which was so super fun to get creative with… one really wants to ever grow up right?! The parents didn’t even realise the children were there as we kept them enthralled with activities, music, excitement and fun, and at the end of the party the kids didn’t want to go home! The client was so grateful for making sure the next generation of party animals had the most amazing time at what could have been a boring “grown up” party.

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