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An exciting week long run up to Halloween

In the lead up to the busy Halloween period, Kids’ People were delighted to be asked to provide a team of Spooktacular witches and wizards, multiple Halloween arts and crafts activities and face painters for an exciting Halloween event for adults and children alike. The week included included crazily creepy crafts, a terrifyingly tricky treasure trail, fantastic face painting and some dazzling drawing activities!

The creepy crafts were extremely popular

Kids’ People were asked to devise alternating daily Halloween arts and crafts activities for the visiting children. Children and parents absolutely adored joining in with the creepy crafts. Lead by the bright and bubbly Kids’ People staff, children and parents were all invited to get creative and make some spooky characters of their own! The week started off with some fluffy and adorable spiders. Children especially loved naming their crawly creations! Midweek saw visitors trying their hand at ghost lollipops; dead sweet these lollipops were extremely popular with hundreds being made. Children especially loved drawing some not so scary smiley faces on their ghost pops! Then it was time for the wonderful Vampoons, yes that’s right, puppet vampire spoons! Parents and children loved the spooky spoon fusion and particularly enjoyed sticking on the fangs! The craft activities drew in a massive crowd and all of the activities were free to the public which many visitors couldn’t believe due to the high quality of the resources and the quality and enthusiasm of the Kids’ People team.

Everyone left with a smile

Another attraction during the Halloween week was the terrifying but terribly fun treasure trail led by the fabulous Kid’s People team! Armed with a map, visitors bravely scoured the area and on their return were rewarded with a gruesome (but delicious) bag of Mr. Simms sweets. Yummy! Hundreds of treasure trails were completed, and parents commented on how much fun both their children and they had. The Halloween week was a massive success- with so much going on and so many visitors taking part in the Spooktacular activities it’s safe to say everyone left with a smile on their face and ready for the Halloween weekend!

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