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Kids’ People take on technology for kids!

When we were asked to supply a team of children’s event staff to step into a bustling, high-tech experience for PlayersXpo, hosted in the breath-taking Dublin Convention Centre, we were thrilled! From retro games to state-of the-art hardware to cosplay and entertainment, this event displayed a vast array of colours, technology, and all round family fun.

An Event for All Ages

Gaming exhibitions are generally considered to be highly modern, state-of-the-art displays of the newest cutting edge hardware and software. That’s why for PlayersXpo, it was important to involve the whole audience in the Exhibition, including all the youngsters! In keeping with this, they had not only next-generation consoles and PC’s for our brand ambassadors to share with the young gamers to try out and enjoy, but the devices of old, from the Atari Lynx to the Nintendo N64, where families could relish in the newest games, to the never to be forgotten vintages, all of which were relentlessly enjoyed by the audience.

Our staff created a great atmosphere for the children

It was our “Kids’ People” teams job to make sure all the children had a fantastic time at the event, sorting queuing for the games, teaching them how to do the games and making sure they had loads of fun! As there were lots of adults at the event too, it was important that the children felt just as important and so that is where our brand ambassadors expertise came in! There was also a large cast of well-known YouTubers, Developers and Musicians that all took to the stage for talks, fun games, and interactions with the audience. Children were ecstatic as they got randomly selected to join the fun with their favourite YouTubers, and go head-to-head with them on-stage. To create a fun and exciting atmosphere there were some incredible and extremely unique live music acts including an orchestral performance of classic video game songs like the renowned Super Mario Theme Song! Our team loved bringing the video gaming to life for the visiting children and look forward to next year’s event!

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