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Kids People Portfolio
Kids People Portfolio

Nerf Rebelle Children’s Promotional Event

Promoting the brand new range of Nerf Rebelle Blasters

Our team of Nerf Rebelle Secret Agents went undercover to take on a secret mission! Our “Kids’ People” manager and team had the challenge of raising brand awareness for the new products that were specifically targeted at the young female market, with all the products coming in brightly coloured purple and pink styles. By supplying the client with our fun, energetic and hands-on ambassadors, this meant that girls were unafraid to join the mission and get stuck in with the boys who already knew the products in the “boy colours.” Auditions were held to find the perfect secret agents that were good communicators, great with kids, good team players and would sustain this high energy all day so that every child had the same experience. There was also a certain level of fitness and flexibility required, as reloading 300 darts in 10 seconds from the floor and firing bows and arrows all day was not for the faint hearted, so we made sure our freshest and physical performers were used!

Every child felt like they had been on a real secret mission

The client also wanted to highlight the secret messages and spy features on the new products that would greatly appeal to young girls wanting to communicate secretly with their friends. Our Nerf Rebelle Secret Agents embraced this fully and went all out in delivering an experience as believable Agents. They referred to one another as Agent (Name), became a character throughout the experience and made every child that came through the experience feel like they had been on a real secret mission by the time they left.

The client was impressed by our team, and the kids absolutely loved it

The event ran smoothly, with the manager we provided, liaising with the client regularly with stock updates and daily communication with how the event was running, footfall etc, and we had amazing feedback with sales at ‘The Entertainer’ blasting through the roof! The client was so impressed by our team and the kids absolutely loved it! All our ambassadors also said how much they enjoyed delivering the experience and have already signed up for the next mission!

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well things are going with Nerf Rebelle so far and to thank you for such a great team, I was on site today and was genuinely very impressed with each brand ambassador, whom I saw really engaging with the consumers and their families – they are a credit to you.

Jonno – Nerf Rebelle

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