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Scout Elves let loose in Hamley’s!

Elf on the Shelf, the family interactive Christmas story, loved by children and adults everywhere unleashed their North Pole Magic on London’s universally treasured store, Hamley’s! And Kids’ People were asked to play a leading role in helping to bring the magic to the thousands of children and families that came through those doors in the lead up to Christmas. The Scout Elves met with Bell Chanda the writer and creator of Elf on the Shelf, during story time, where Children and families listened to the storybook being read aloud. Bell thanked our Kids’ People staff for doing a great job!

Our team were so popular!

There were so many children and adults taking photos and being given stickers, badges, temporary tattoos and mini candy canes fit for any Scout Elf and their human. Our mascots weren’t just a huge hit, but they were the main event! Children all over the store were gasping and shrieking with glee to see them go by and many couldn’t stop hugging them. They worked incredibly hard and brought so much happiness and Christmas cheer to the thousands of children, shoppers and staff.

Queues and queues to meet our mascots!

Our lucky Kids’ People team even met Father Christmas! He was very kind and jolly and thanked our Elves and our staff for watching over all the children and bringing them joy. The Kids’ People team worked very hard all weekend to bring the magical world of Elf on the Shelf to life for all the families visiting Hamley’s. Our Scout Elves were so popular that we had queues for photos all day! Just getting the Elves through the obstacle course of the beautifully decorated Christmassy Hamley’s, without knocking over any ornaments or getting stuck was impressive, but when we arrived each time, parents and families reassured us their experience with us and the photos they took were all well worth the wait! The Kids’ People team loved working for Elf on the Shelf and hope that each Scout Elf watches over and looks after their human this year. We have no doubt every family we met will have a very Merry Christmas!

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