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Gnome Land

A bright and creative place for children to visit!

‘Taste of Bromley’ is Bromley’s annual food festival, only this year they introduced Gnome Land for children! A magical clearing with pink grass, cupcake seats and deckchairs in small and extra-large for gnomes of all sizes! Situated outside the Disney store, Kids’ People embraced all things gnome, and arranged for beautiful gnome costumes to be hand made for this great event. Our lovely Kids’ People dressed up in the blue, red and white polka dot gnome dresses and hats with bright coloured converse and welcomed the visiting children into the exciting event. We were also asked to provide a manager to ensure the smooth running of the stand, and more staff to distribute leaflets and spread the word on all the fun activities on offer.

Our lovely gnomes got creative!

Not only was the pop-up Gnome Land colourful and awesome, with giant topiary tree twists, garden benches with gingham table cloths, windmills and real chive plants, Kids’ People invited the children of Bromley to get creative too! Kids’ People organised the whole arts and crafts event, and to fit with the festival theme it was a food craft where children could make either a lovely ladybird or spooky spider! Crackers, cream cheese, tomatoes, pretzel sticks, olives and real chives which they could break off the plants in front of them, were all used to make them, and then of course, in the spirit of the food festival, the children could eat! Yum yum!

The crafts went down a storm with the visiting children!

The crafts were so popular with the children, that most stayed to make both a ladybird and a spider, and then they took them home in a lovely little bag just the right size (if they hadn’t gobbled them up already!) The children kept our gnomes very busy and our gnomes loved seeing how creative the children were getting! With the squeezy writing tubes, children could add the finishing touches to make their craft their own and like no other! After their master pieces were finished there was also a little cute colouring corner where they could colour to their hearts content and parents could have a bit of a rest too!

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