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You can be anything – Barbie Experiential Event

A Children’s Promotional Event by Barbie

Barbie underwent a re-brand with a key message to all their consumers – “You can be Anything” and came to us
wanting an all female team to manage and lead their exciting promotion in Westfield Stratford London and Trafford Centre Manchester.

Our children’s promo staff in London became experts on Barbie!

Our Manager and “Kids’ People” ambassadors were trained on the history of the Barbie doll, given data on sales figures and trained in how to deliver the experience – making sure the message of creativity, individuality and that you can now be “anything” was really passed on to the children and adults alike. Our girls also took time out before the promotion to brush up on their Barbie film knowledge, watching Barbie web series and films online so that they had extra knowledge of Barbie and her friend’s and sisters’ names that they could talk to the girls about during the experience. We pride ourselves on our ambassadors going the extra mile to deliver amazing experiences!

Our staff created an amazing experience for the children

Our Barbie ambassadors were also well presented, interested in fashion and make-up but also passionate about promoting a healthy body image to young girls. In the dress up zone they dressed the girls up as either a professional (firefighter), an adventurer (explorer), a dreamer (princess) or a fashion designer and then offered them a Barbie to play with in the experience, and spent quality time playing with the Barbie and colouring with the children on beanbags around a gorgeous pink table. All our ambassadors were incredible with the girls and made every girl feel special and creative without judgement on their choices – if they were a princess chef, that was okay!

Barbie were absolutely thrilled with our promo staff and the amazing experience they offered the children – their patience, enthusiasm and appreciation of every girls’ individuality was a special touch that made the whole experience a positive one.

Thanks so much for all your help in making the project successful, lovely to work with you and the girls once again!

Sarah – Barbie, You Can Be

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