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Experiential event for the European Launch of AmiGami

The European Launch of AmiGami

When AmiGami launched their supercool new product in Europe and chose London as the place for it to launch…we were thrilled and couldn’t wait to provide our creative and excited “Kids’ People” manager and team to run the stand and bring the event to life! We were asked to provide an activation manager and a team of brand ambassadors to run the event in both Stratford Westfield shopping centre and Shepherd Bush Westfield shopping centre. So, we went through our database, and picked those with an artistic flair, who of course were also fabulous with children. The brand ambassadors job was to show all those children out there what a really amazing product it is. And what a fun experiential event it turned out to be!

Kids’ People team get Arty!

Our brand ambassadors all went through training and got very creative and arty and learned all the different techniques, so they could showcase them to the waiting fans that were eager to find out more about it. Some of the designs were really tricky and took a while to master but soon the Kids’ People team were AmiGami experts! They even got to take some home to train up and practise before the start of the event. The models were so cute and fun that our team loved getting the designs perfected. The target audience was girls between the ages of 7 and 10 so we reinforced this to the team to make sure there was a more “grown up” vibe about their persona, and they were cool to hang out with on the stand! This worked a treat and the stand was packed with girls of this age bracket having a wonderful and memorable experience.

Our staff loved the artsy elements and so did the children!

It is not every day you get to make AmiGami models for a living! And our team thrived off the fun and creative activation, which shone through and encouraged the children to have a wonderful time on the stand. We had great feedback from both the children and parents on the stand and the client too…..what a fab event!

The staff were amazing thanks, all really positive feedback and all really hard working, so thank you.

Louise – AmiGami

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