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Festive fun for all

Christmas time is not only a busy time for Father Christmas, but also for all those on the Kids’ People team! Over the Christmas period we are working hard at organising incredible corporate Christmas events all over London. And last year we had the pleasure of organising a magical event full of festive fun for adam&eveDDB. We brought together our superb Kids’ People team of professionals to make the party unique and to ensure it would stay long in everyone’s memory.

An early start for the elves

The preparation started early in the morning as all the elves and their helpers arrived on site to start the gift box creations. Packed full of treats we created 115 gift boxes, all wrapped and packed with care and festive coloured tissue. Set up of our exciting arts and crafts area also started early on, to make sure we had every beautiful bead and festive foil in place for our impending visitors. Then the coordination of the rest of the event; up went the festive coloured indoor bouncy castle, magician back drop and tricks in place, entertainer’s music and props ready for games and fun, balloon artist with pump at the ready, sweetie cart and candy floss station fully stocked with treats, soft play prepared for the tinies and then…

….3,2,1….in flooded the excited children!

Two of our finest elf entertainers kept the kids entranced with music, games, dancing, poms, ribbons, parachute and bubbles spreading the Christmas magic all around. We also invited along our superbly talented balloon artist elf. With lots of festive creations to choose from the children could ask for literally anything they desired, and she made it possible! Our arts and crafts area elves were busy helping everyone make lovely Christmas decorations and wonderful bead jewellery. At such a magical party, there had to be a magician……and of course we made sure we provided the best in the business. A problem in the past for our client had been how to get some very important one on one time with Father Christmas without a never-ending queue. Due to our experience we suggested a system which worked brilliantly and solved the problem. As our elves gave out party boxes to the departing little ones, parents came up to congratulate them on doing such a magnificent job, and our team got wonderful feedback direct from the client too. What an amazing event and such an honour to be a part of.

We had the pleasure of working with Lucy and Sophie from Kids’ People. They were not only incredibly organised leading up to the party but made sure we had everything set up and ready for the children’s arrival. We have used other companies in the past, but it was so refreshing to have two woman who genuinely cared about the event. They offered lots of options for activities, crafts, and entertainment. Having seen the references from other big companies too, it was an easy choice. Thank you, Lucy and Sophie, for making the day so special.

Scarlett and Tia – adam&eveDDB.


Would you like us to organise a children’s Christmas event for your company – or any other event? – please get in touch!

Would you also like an appearance of Father Christmas at your event? If so we have a direct line to Lapland so we can hire Santa for you too! – please get in touch!