Fun London travel with (or without!) your Kids

We all know that travelling around London can be costly and often time consuming; BUT it’s not boring! Here are some ideas to get you and your family out and about.

Santander Cycle Hire

Long gone are the Boris bikes…. The Santander bikes are now here! This is a great one for your teenagers! You can hire a bike from as little as £2 per 30 minutes. Simply go to any docking station with your 14+ year old and your bank card and touch the screen to get started. (One card per bike). There’s no need to book – hire a bike, ride it where you like, then return it to any docking station.

DLR Driverless Trains

What could be more exciting than being the train driver of the DLR! Get your little ones to take a seat in the front carriage of the “driverless” Dockland Light Rail train, which operates from the city to East London. Fares are charged at the same rate as regular tube journeys and children under the age of 11 travel free.

Crossing the Thames

Riding that river can be a lot of fun. It is a relaxing way to float about London and is nearly always far less busy than the tubes. If the weather is nice, some boats have a deck which you can sit on and if you get to the front, your little Pirates and Captains can play sailing the Seven Seas! (Or is it to Seven Sisters…?)

Emirates airline Cable Car!

How about gliding above the Thames in your very own cable car?! Enjoy the fantastic views of London. Kids cost £1.70. The cable car will take you from Greenwich peninsular to the Royal docks.

Get those legs moving!

And finally if you just want to use those legs, preferably tiring the little legs out along the way! You should check out these 7 super walks in London at There is So much to see in slow motion in London.

Wishing you fun on your journeys!

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