Easter Crafts!

Easter is nearly upon us here at Kids People, and for all you lovely lot too! So we thought to make your Easter even more EGG-cellent, we’ve put together some CRACKING Easter crafts to do with your little ones at home this weekend. Get making, get creative and Happy Easter to you and your little chicks. Hop to it!

Daffodils – Nothing says Easter like a Spring Daffodil, and these beautiful flowers can be made in three simple steps – easy peasy! You simply need some yellow card, painted green lolly sticks, and white or clear cupcake cases. Method: Draw a daffodil outline onto your yellow card, making sure the cupcake case can fit comfortably in the centre. Cut this out so you have your flower shape. Next, glue the cupcake case base down in the centre of your daffodil shape. When dry, turn it over and glue your green lolly stick on to the back, making sure that most of the stick comes off the card to act like the stem. Leave to dry and voila! Make as many as you want and then our top tip is to display them in a flowerpot or mini vase to brighten up any room! Beautiful!

Easter Bunny Party Hats – An easy twist on the party hat, make your own kind of Easter bonnet with these Bunny Party Hats! Let you little bunnies’ creative flair flow. You will need a classic party hat template that can be found here: http://www.invitein.org/tag/birthday-party-hat-template. Print this out and cut out the template, securing it into the classic cone shape with glue. Then it really is up to you! Use googly eyes/card/sequins whatever materials you like to make your bunny face – eyes, nose and whiskers – and be sure to glue them down securely. Draw on a smiley mouth with a permanent marker and cut slits in the side of your hat for the ears. Cut out bunny shaped ears and fold them about a ¼” up, insert them into the slits, and secure with glue or tape on the inside. Last but not least, attach twine or elastic to the inside of the hat on both sides to go underneath your little ones’ chin. It really is as simple as that! Then wear your party bonnet with pride as you go on Easter Egg hunts, or just to parade around the house. Perfect!

Pompom Easter Chicks – And last but not least, we couldn’t not have some cute little Easter chicks! So, all you need to do is grab some yellow pompom’s, some white card and an orange felt tip and you’re away! Simply Stick a large yellow pompom onto your card, and stick the smaller pompom above it, slightly off centre (this will be the body and head of your chick) Then take your felt tip and draw a little triangle beak coming off the top pompom, and two little legs coming off the bottom and there you have it! A perfect little Easter card to give to the grandparents if they are coming round on Easter Sunday.

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