Children’s Experiential Events

Ever wondered why marketing to kids through experiential events is so successful? Wondering if your product, brand or company could benefit from running children’s experiential events to help boost sales/interest/brand awareness?

Look no further! We thought we would share with you the main reasons why experiential learning is so important for kids, and some examples of how you can market your business through these events. If at the end of this blog, you want to hire Kids People to run an event or provide fantastic staff for it, then let’s just say your 2018 will be off to a good start!

3 Main Reasons why experiential learning is good for kids:

1) Children need to EXPERIENCE things PHYSICALLY and learn to be kids again. In an age where social media has taken over our children’s lives, and they spend a lot of their time looking at screens, they are not experiencing life. They need to see, smell, taste, play, run, fall, ride, skip, climb and physically experience life in order to physically try things out with their bodies.

2) Experiential learning offers the opportunity for kids to have fun and make friends. As well as experiencing play, children need this EMOTIONALLY to learn how to build friendships and relationships through experiences. You are also encouraging your child to have FUN at these events, allowing them to use their imagination, creativity and that wonderful thing called laughter.

3) Thirdly, the key thing about experiential learning is the MENTAL life skill of failure and perseverance that kids learn through this type of event. Kids need to practice if they are going to succeed, and therefore they need to fall off their bike, make their Lego structure incorrectly, and fail, because only then will they learn to succeed. And the mental success and sense of achievement they will feel after mastering failure, is a lesson they will need throughout their adult lives too – courage, perseverance and resilience.

So. Now you know why it’s good for children, but why is it good for you? Well, here’s three ways children’s experiential events, what we here at Kids People excel in, could help your business.

1) Brand Awareness – got a new brand or indeed an existing brand that you want to promote? Put on an event tailored for children to experience your brand hands on. Not only will the children experience your brand in person, they will tell everyone – friends, parents, schools…there is no limit! Don’t forget at the event itself, you can have pop up posters, merchandise, business cards and perhaps press, all to help promote your amazing brand!

2) Sales – During your event, you can offer competitions to win merchandise, hand out vouchers for money off your products, or sell on site – all of the above with a guaranteed chance of increasing your sales, on the day and in the future. If you have your event in a shopping centre as a pop-up for example, why not hand out vouchers for money off at a store in the centre? Then you can direct them straight there to buy your product – and if the child enjoyed the experience, the parents really aren’t going to hear the end of it until they have their own one to take home!

3) Market Research – You can get a real insight to how children use your product, how they play with it, and any room for improvement for either existing or future products you may have in development. You also might find as you are taking data and watching the children that you suddenly see a gap in the market for a product or service you are not currently offering – all incredibly invaluable data capture and research you cannot get from a questionnaire. Besides, kids always tell the truth! (Well, not ALWAYS)

We hope this blog inspired you to think about how experiential learning for kids could help your business, and if you want us to help you run your children’s experiential event or staff your children’s experiential event, just get in touch! We will be happy to help. Because at the end of the day, if we are helping you boost business, but also enriching kids everywhere, our job couldn’t be more rewarding.

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