Fun Events for Children in London 2018

Stuck for things to do in London this half term week? With Pancake Day done what else can you entertain the kids with this week?!

WELL. If you have children who are interested in making music, head down to TWO TEMPLE PLACE next to Embankment, and make your own banjo! Many early jazz musicians often played Banjos instead of guitars, so this is a great way to get arty and make your own musical instrument and have fun making music! This session is completely free and runs from 10.00 till 12.00pm – register your place ASAP here!

Alternatively have your kids ever dreamt of becoming a Fire Fighter, a Surgeon or the next Acting Sensation? KidZania is the UK’s first educational entertainment experience where children aged four to fourteen can learn real-life skills in a 75,000sq ft. child-size city built just for them. From the Aviation Academy to the Radio Station, Police Station or Hospital, the city streets are lined with real-life establishments. Watch the excitement on their faces as kids explore more than 60 unique and exciting professions through real-life role play adventures in a fun and safe environment.”

Kidzania in Westfield are also holding World Book Week: 28th February – 2nd March 2018 to encourage your little ones to get reading, but also for them to learn about the publishing industry. There will be interactive workshops with the publishers of the ‘Little Tiger Group,’ introducing them to all kinds of jobs within the industry, from production and marketing to editorial design and illustration, and also literary themed activities throughout the day such as young journalists reporting on the World Book Day activity, and literary themed radio talk sessions in the studio. Not to be missed for your little bookworms! More information can be found here:

If you have a bit of time to plan ahead, register now for a free experience for kids and adults of all ages at the Imperial Festival at Imperial College London. Imperial Festival has something for all ages to enjoy, from young children ready to be inspired by the latest in scientific discoveries, to adults looking to get up to date with medical advances and new technology whilst enjoying delicious food and a variety of music and dance performances. If you want something that is educational, fascinating and enjoyable or have little ones interested in the way the world works and all things Science – this is the event for you! And what’s more, it’s completely free. Register here now for the 28th and 29th April to avoid disappointment:

If you need staff for your children’s event please contact KidsPeople today!

Easter Events for Children

Things to do with Kids at Easter in London

With Christmas a thing of the past, and Easter edging ever nearer, why not be super organised this year and get ahead of the game by seeing what children’s Easter events there are for families in London!

Kids People love organising children’s Easter events and have fantastic children’s event staff to run them! So with all our experience we thought we would put together a fabulous list of a range of acitvites for all the family below, and we hope that this helps in creating the best Easter ever! Enjoy ?

1) You can’t go wrong with an Easter Egg hunt! Check out our English Heritage websites to see which historic landmarks of Britain are playing host to a little Easter fun on their website, or try Hampton Court Palace for something extra special.

2) Follow an Easter trail amongst the daffodils and crocuses at Kew Gardens and be at one among nature as it springs up in season.

3) Watch a spectacular full-scale performance of ‘The Passion of Jesus,’ featuring 100 performers, for free. This event usually takes place in Trafalgar Square on Good Friday.

4) Search the WWT London Wetland Centre nature reserve for hidden treasures at Easter.

5) Taste afternoon tea for all the family at ‘One Aldwych’ in the theme of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

6) Try London Zoo, or City Farm to see some new arrivals this season.

7) Winnie-The-Pooh ‘Exploring a Classic’ exhibition runs at the V&A Museum until 8th April.

8) Head to see ‘Matilda’ the musical that will have the whole family singing and dancing this Easter.

9) Try out the new permanent addition to the Sea Life London Aquarium on the South Bank, ‘Enter the World of Jellyfish,’ where your little ones can explore and learn about these mysterious and beautiful creatures.

10) If your little ones are Harry Potter fans, why not treat them to the ultimate Harry Potter experience this Easter at the Warner Bros Studio Tour, where you can now explore the Forbidden Forest too.

Alternatively, if you fancy a more home-made Easter this year, stay tuned for blogs about Easter craft and DIY Easter hacks coming soon!

Children’s Experiential Events

Ever wondered why marketing to kids through experiential events is so successful? Wondering if your product, brand or company could benefit from running children’s experiential events to help boost sales/interest/brand awareness?

Look no further! We thought we would share with you the main reasons why experiential learning is so important for kids, and some examples of how you can market your business through these events. If at the end of this blog, you want to hire Kids People to run an event or provide fantastic staff for it, then let’s just say your 2018 will be off to a good start!

3 Main Reasons why experiential learning is good for kids:

1) Children need to EXPERIENCE things PHYSICALLY and learn to be kids again. In an age where social media has taken over our children’s lives, and they spend a lot of their time looking at screens, they are not experiencing life. They need to see, smell, taste, play, run, fall, ride, skip, climb and physically experience life in order to physically try things out with their bodies.

2) Experiential learning offers the opportunity for kids to have fun and make friends. As well as experiencing play, children need this EMOTIONALLY to learn how to build friendships and relationships through experiences. You are also encouraging your child to have FUN at these events, allowing them to use their imagination, creativity and that wonderful thing called laughter.

3) Thirdly, the key thing about experiential learning is the MENTAL life skill of failure and perseverance that kids learn through this type of event. Kids need to practice if they are going to succeed, and therefore they need to fall off their bike, make their Lego structure incorrectly, and fail, because only then will they learn to succeed. And the mental success and sense of achievement they will feel after mastering failure, is a lesson they will need throughout their adult lives too – courage, perseverance and resilience.

So. Now you know why it’s good for children, but why is it good for you? Well, here’s three ways children’s experiential events, what we here at Kids People excel in, could help your business.

1) Brand Awareness – got a new brand or indeed an existing brand that you want to promote? Put on an event tailored for children to experience your brand hands on. Not only will the children experience your brand in person, they will tell everyone – friends, parents, schools…there is no limit! Don’t forget at the event itself, you can have pop up posters, merchandise, business cards and perhaps press, all to help promote your amazing brand!

2) Sales – During your event, you can offer competitions to win merchandise, hand out vouchers for money off your products, or sell on site – all of the above with a guaranteed chance of increasing your sales, on the day and in the future. If you have your event in a shopping centre as a pop-up for example, why not hand out vouchers for money off at a store in the centre? Then you can direct them straight there to buy your product – and if the child enjoyed the experience, the parents really aren’t going to hear the end of it until they have their own one to take home!

3) Market Research – You can get a real insight to how children use your product, how they play with it, and any room for improvement for either existing or future products you may have in development. You also might find as you are taking data and watching the children that you suddenly see a gap in the market for a product or service you are not currently offering – all incredibly invaluable data capture and research you cannot get from a questionnaire. Besides, kids always tell the truth! (Well, not ALWAYS)

We hope this blog inspired you to think about how experiential learning for kids could help your business, and if you want us to help you run your children’s experiential event or staff your children’s experiential event, just get in touch! We will be happy to help. Because at the end of the day, if we are helping you boost business, but also enriching kids everywhere, our job couldn’t be more rewarding.

Santa’s Grottos in London

If it’s Grotto’s you are looking for this Christmas period, then look no further than Westfield’s Snowflake Factory this season! Located at both Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City, take your little one on a magical journey through the portal to the North Pole where they get to create their very own Snowflake decoration to take home, see the elves in action, post a letter to Santa and meet the big man himself in his ice cave!

Book online to avoid disappointment as Santa understandably becomes very busy in December, and arrive to the Entrance located behind the grotto at your selected time slot – the elves work to a very strict schedule so everything can run smoothly! Like a well oiled machine, you will then be taken to the front door of the grotto where a special knock will allow you to enter into the portal. There you will be greeted by a 300 year old Professor who will magically transport you through one of the Portal doors via a magical snow globe to the North Pole itself!

Once in the North Pole you will find yourself in the Engine Room, the warm, fuzzy heart of the ice cold Snow Factory, where Elves create Snowflakes ready for the Winter. Amongst the glittering walls, lights and snow, let the elves help you create your very own Snowflake on their ice-pads, complete with personalised name – pretty COOL huh?! The elves will then get to engraving that name onto a real life snowflake decoration that will then be presented to your child to take home and hang on the tree.

Whilst you wait to go onto the next room, why not speak to Santa or the elves on the telephone, play a particularly challenging Snowflake pairs game on the wall, or indeed write a letter to Santa? There is a colouring station where you can draw a picture for Santa or write something that you would like to see under your tree and post it immediately via the express post box (this bit is particularly magical as your letter lights up the funnel as it travels straight to Santa’s letter department).
Last but not least, take your family in to see Santa in his glittering ice cave and find out if you’re on the good list, have the chance to let him know what you’d like for Christmas, and if you’re really good, you might even receive a present to take home with you.
Travel back through the Snow to where you can purchase your photo with Santa in a glitterbox,, a Snowflake magnet etc and take the magic home with you!

In other words, put Westfield’s Grotto on your good list this year and you and your kids will be talking about it all the way till next Christmas. Spread the Christmas cheer!

At Kids People we can organise and create a fantastic grotto with its very own Father Christmas with Elves and of course Fairies! Please get in touch for more information.

Santa, Elves & Christmas Fairy hire!

How can we bring the magic of Christmas even more to our loyal clients?! We can provide top-quality costumes that no one else has.….and we had loads of exciting ideas in mind when we went to the drawing board for our 2017 Elf costumes. We didn’t want any off the shelf design. We wanted to work closely with our costume designer to make the costume look incredible, but also be practical for running parties and events for children in! And we hope you agree we got it just right 🙂

In the traditional green and red we have used a mixture of quality materials all in order to make the costume look different from what any other company currently provides. The smock dress is a rich Emerald green tightened at the waist with a candy stripe extra wide belt. How can we add a bit more cheeky Elf colour? How about matching Candy stripe leggings?! Along with a stuffed hat that stays on great, red taffeta underskirt to add body, and custom made emerald green High tops with red laces….these are very trendy Elves indeed!

And so, our elves have been let out of the workshop to entertain at events at locations all over the UK throughout December. From Football Clubs to airport events, and banks in the City and Canary Wharf, our elves have been received to wide acclaim from the children and also the clients, some who have already put in their orders for 2018 bookings!

And how can we show our super new costumes to our clients….why by having a professional Elfy photo shoot of course! And that is when we booked our photographer and studio for a very fun Elf filled morning! Our 6 elf models, (also actors and entertainers of course!) were the perfect models, full with ideas, comical faces, tons of energy and of course a huge smile.

Music blasting we had so much fun, with action pictures, jumping, acrobatics, piggy backs and general Elf cheekiness! It was the most fun photoshoot we have ever had….but then again we have never had a photo shoot before with 8 cheeky Christmas Elves!

So why not book our Elves for your Christmas party this year?! Contact us to book!

Christmas Crafts for Kids!

Tis the Season to be jolly! So here at Kids People, we thought we’d bring you our top 3 Christmas crafts to do with your little ones at home – quick, easy and cheap to make, and something to bring all the family together this Ho-Ho-Holiday season! Disclaimer: DO try this at home!!

Candy Canes

You will need: Green pipe cleaners, red and white beads

Method: First of all, take your green pipe cleaner and tie a knot in one end, making sure the knot is bigger than the bead hole. Then thread your first red bead on to the pipe cleaner and push it down until it is resting on top of the knot. Alternate with the white bead so that you have alternating red and white beads all the way up your pipe cleaner and then tie a knot in the other end once finished. To finish, simply bend one end of the pipe cleaner to make a candy cane ‘C’ shape, and then hang on your Christmas tree!


Footprint Reindeer

You will need: Brown paint, white card, a tray, googly eyes, a red pom pom, a brown felt tip and a foot!

Method: Fold your A4 piece of card in half to make a card. Place the brown paint into a tray (or any container that can hold paint!) and help your little one place one foot in it. Note! It may be wise to put some newspaper down for this one! Carefully transfer their foot and gently press it down onto the white card vertically with the toes at the top. Leave to dry over night until the paint is completely dry. Then, stick on two googly eyes onto where the ball of the foot would be, and the red pom pom at the bottom of the footprint where the heel would be. Then stemming out from both the big toe and the little toe, draw your reindeer’s antlers with the brown felt tips. Then write on the inside and send to your favourite relative!


Christmas Plate Wreath

You will need: A paper plate, scissors, green paint, hole punch, ribbon, decorations.

Method: Paint your paper plate green – easy peasy! Leave to dry overnight. The next day, draw a circle in the centre of your plate and cut this out to make your wreath shape. At the top centre of your wreath, hole punch a hole and tie your ribbon through it in order to hang your wreath. Then the world is your oyster! Stick gems, glitter and all things sparkly on your wreath to decorate to our taste and then hang on your door ready for Santa!

If you would like Kids People to bring to life your Arts and Crafts event then let us know!  We have many more craft ideas and fantastic staff for children’s events! Contact us today for more info!

Children’s Event Decoration!

Got a kid’s birthday party on the horizon? Got your games sorted, food sorted and venue sorted? Perfect! But how do you make your front room, church hall or garden fit for a princess? How do you make your little animals feel like they are in a real jungle? How can you invite superheroes to a party without a town to be saved?!

Kids People have the answer…DECORATIONS! No party is complete without suitable decorations to really add that WOW factor to your party. Get in touch with us and we can provide everything from simple cluster balloons to scenery backgrounds!

At Kids People, we pride ourselves on providing an extra special touch to your child’s party and we know that simple things like decorations can really add to a theme, or just the general party feel. We have everything from bunting and balloons to themed tablecloths and table wear (cutlery, plates, napkins etc). You name it, we can do it!

We also provide scenery backgrounds which are always a winner with children and parents alike, and make the kids really feel as though they are Pirates sailing the seven seas, Superheroes saving a town, or Princesses trapped in their towers. Children’s imaginations are wonderful things, and this background provides them with all the stimulus they need to perform and enhance their stories and games with. It also allows great photo opportunities throughout the party as well!

If you have a Christmas or Easter party, never fear! We have that covered too! From hay bales, flowers, Easter egg hunts and Easter bunny decorations, we can make your Easter get together even more amazing for all the family. Similarly, we can provide Santa’s grotto, Christmas decorations, small Christmas trees, sacks, crackers, hats and much more for all your little one’s with birthdays around Christmas to make their day extra special.

Get in touch with Kidspeople for all your event decoration themes and needs, and we will be happy to help! We are waiting to hear from you! Contact us today!

Bespoke Bar Mitzvah Event Planners who will go that extra mile…

Image result for barmitzvasWe at Kids’ People host a wide range of events, priding ourselves on offering a bespoke service with that extra wow factor. With our Bar and Bat Mitzva event service we will organise and manage your event to ensure it is a wonderful, stress free and memorable experience.

From fresh ideas to make your Bar Mitzvah stand out from the crowd, to a better run event, Kids’ People will help organise the structure of the day, party games and so much more to add that extra special touch to your extra special day. Our Bar Mitzvah service will let you relax while we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

From the ceremony location, to organising where to hold your party celebrations, games, music, performers and acts to food and more, Kids’ People have a wealth of contacts, special venues and amazing staff on hand to make sure that your event is one to remember for the whole family. We strive to make every event individually tailored to our client, so any special requests, requirements and ideas so that we can get to know your child are welcome. This way we can make your child feel relaxed and extra special with their favourite songs, coloured decorations and favourite foods, and just generally awesome! We know how important this day is to them and you and therefore we provide a Bar or Bat Mitzvah event service that is equally as important and amazing.

We can also provide fantastic staff to entertain the children (and older guests!) who are energetic, fun and fabulous to keep all the youngsters at your Bar Mitzvah entertained all day! They are all experienced, DBS checked and LOVE making children smile – what more could you want on this happy occasion?!

If you want a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Event Service that will go the extra mile to make this wonderful occasion stand out from the crowd, get in touch with us and we at Kids’ People will be overjoyed to help be a part of your happy day. Struggling for ideas of where to hold all your guests? Wondering how to entertain the children? Not sure how to decorate a hall, what colour scheme to go for, get a delicious cake, book fantastic food, know how to hire live music or a DJ? Look no further than Kids’ People for all your event needs. We are just a call away!

Need Santa hire for your Christmas event?

Father Christmas hire

So you have organised a Christmas event to top all others, for all those very excited Christmas loving children……what about hiring the real Father Christmas to be there too?  There is nothing better than seeing those children’s eyes light up when they first spot the red outfit and the white beard.  The magic of Christmas comes alive in an instant when they meet the iconic man himself.  With a “Ho ho ho” and a friendly chuckle the atmosphere is electric with excitement and curiosity….”is this the real one?!”  “How does he fit down my Chimney?!”……”How does he get round all the houses in one night?!”

At Kids People we hire out the real Santa, with his beautiful outfit, white beard, and fantastic personality, so of course he knows all the answers to those never ending questions from inquisitive little ones.  Being the real Santa he is of course punctual, professional and to get in line with the 20th Century he has been DBS checked too.  If it is just a meet and greet you need, or a Santa’s grotto for many weeks, our Santa simply loves meeting children, having photos, finding out Christmas wishes, giving out presents, and bringing the Christmas spirit to everyone.  But beware.  Not everyone has the real Santa on their books….there are a lot of people out there who pretend to be Santa, and just simply don’t bring that magical time of year to life.

We love Christmas…..who doesn’t?  It is our favourite time of year and we can’t wait for Christmas 2017! Mince pies, carols, decorations and presents…….and of course the real Santa too! Let us make your Christmas event the most magical it has ever been and click here to hire Santa today!


Four ‘must haves’ for a child friendly venue

Choosing the right venue for a corporate children’s event is so important. Nowadays companies like to hold parties out of house as they can be more fun, enjoyable and flexible. It also takes the stress away from the office where the party may have usually taken place. There is no worry about keeping meeting rooms available for the party and no mess to tidy up afterwards and no health and safety issues regarding bringing children onto the premises.

1.Location. It’s got to be a place where guests can get actually get to! Obviously not a million miles away but also somewhere a bit different as this will make a welcome change for staff members to take their children to. Somewhere that is accessible by train, tube or bus or at least has parking is definitely a consideration. Accessibility and facilities for those with special needs is a must. Of course with children in mind it needs to be safe to get to too.

2.Space. Enough room for children to move, dance, jump and explore, plus their parents, plus prams, plus the entertainment and staff ends up meaning you need quite a big space. Somewhere for the children’s event staff to get changed, possibly into costume or somewhere to prepare for their astonishing act they will soon be performing! On the other hand you don’t want the space to be too big for the numbers expected as this can create a feeling of emptiness.

3.Inspiring. It needs to be a fun and interesting space. Maybe somewhere that the children will be excited to go to and will tell all their friends about afterwards? Somewhere that isn’t a box room painted with white walls would help. Having said that we have lots of clever decoration ideas that we can use to transform venues too! We have hosted events in many interesting venues such as boats, museums and even on the millennium wheel!  If there is an activity or facilities already on site then this can help to theme the party or give it a focus activity.

4.Catering services are almost always needed at a corporate children’s event whether you are having nibbles or hot food for both the children and parents, the option of good quality catering at the venue is always very useful. However if the venue does not offer in house catering we have used many out of house catering suppliers who can supply fantastic food and drink. If you are bringing in caterers then the venue needs to have the facilities or at least the space needs to be clean and appropriate for preparing food.  There also may be the requirement for a power supply if hot food is required and the venue is outdoors.

Let us at Kids’ People organise your next corporate children’s event and put our wealth of experience to the test! We are experts at staffing children’s events too and will provide your event with quality staff who will make every child feel special and leave with a big smile on their face and lots of wonderful memories to cherish.

We provide full event management for corporate children’s christmas parties, corporate children’s summer parties and large scale private childrens’ parties.