Re-use, Recycle and play GIGANTIC Games

Does your place of work hold ‘family’ days? Do they schedule company-wide events or office parties that you’re running out of ideas for? Why not take this opportunity to call in our staff here at Kids’ People to help organise/run a branch, office or even company-wide fun day?

A picture says a thousand words…

We all know our offices and places of work are FULL of clutter that could definitely be reorganised and mostly recycled. Join the movement to save the planet and think of some creative ways in which you can declutter those sections of the workspace where nobody dare venture any longer and bring in the little ones to help! 

Think of three things that your company stands for, be they part of your mission statement, goals you want to achieve or what makes you tick, and vote on them. Once chosen, send them home with your co-workers for their children to design a simple, clear picture or symbol to represent one of these messages and your office can then vote on the top three! 

Once this is done, you can hold a day whereby people can bring their families in to complete tasks and help de-clutter, separating paper and card from plastic and material in the morning. The afternoon can be a giant crafts day, where colleagues, families and friends can help create the murals on whatever wall/in whatever empty space you wish that needs brightening up! Any left over materials can be further recycled in the designated bins. By the end of the week you will have de-cluttered the workspace and run a fun, family friendly event all whilst helping out our planet! Winner!


Everyone loves treasure, especially PIRATES! Why not use this theme for your next event day where you take a look at pollution in the ocean and as families venture around the office collecting rubbish that you need to clear/recycle you can hold quizzes and riddles at each station to test their ocean pollution knowledge! By the end everyone will have learnt something, collected potentially harmful materials to wildlife whilst clearing up the office. Treasure and prizes can come in the form of reusable water bottles, reusable straws, tote bags/biodegradable non-plastic bags and shampoo/conditioner and shower gel bars.

P.S: You could even set up the treasure hunt as a way for colleagues and family members to collect materials that need re-using and recycling prior to the mural making event!

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